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Economic Development is an investment with an entity with a proven track record.  Ivy Classical Academy (Ivy) does not have a proven track record.

Ivy is asking the City of Prattville for a $22.8 million bond for the purchase and renovation of buildings in High Point Town Center located in Elmore County. 

Ivy should seek funding with corporate sponsorships, fund-raising, County partnerships and in-kind services. The City of Prattville should not shoulder this burden.

If this is such a great investment and opportunity, corporations and businesses would flock to invest.

Clyde Chambliss

There are 2 bills in the legislative session sponsored by Senator Clyde Chambliss to support Ivy and its Board members.

  • Bill SB297 allows a charter school to reside one mile outside of the attendance area. Specifically allows Ivy to operate in Elmore County despite Ivy claiming an Autauga County location in their application.

  • Bill SB254  will allow a city board member to live outside of the city limits as long as they have a business inside the city limits. Specifically this allows Ivy's Chairperson, Bradley Neave, to remain on the Historic Prattville Redevelopment Authority (HPRA).

Ivy Board of Directors

Many of the Board members are currently serving on City boards or are closely tied to city employees.

Children of the Board bypass the lottery system and are automatically accepted to Ivy.

  • Dr. Carl Byrd: Husband of Lisa Byrd, Mayor Gillespie’s Executive Assistant  (a Governmental Employee)

  • Bradley Neave: Ivy Board Chairperson, Chairperson of HPRA - Historic Prattville Redevelopment Authority (a Governmental Official)

  • Teresa Nettles:  HPA Member - Prattville Historical Preservation Commission Member (a Governmental Official)

  • Reid Cavnar: Handles many Municipal Bonds for the City of Prattville, HPRA - Historic Prattville Redevelopment Authority Board Member (a Governmental Official)

  • Thomas Newton: Former Chairperson of HPRA - Historic Prattville Redevelopment Authority

  • James Wohlers: has a pending $500,000 Fraud case against him with Travelers Casualty for misappropriation of funds from his father-in-law's company totaling over $895,000. Link here

  • Mallory Harp

  • Jessica Neave

  • Franklin Nettles

  • Joshua Pendergrass

  • Tammy Starnes: Consultant, Former ACBOE employee

Lottery Projected Outcome

Please view Ivy's Charter application here.

Acceptance to Ivy is based on priority enrollment or selection by a lottery.

  • Priority enrollment before the lottery is drawn:

      1 - Priority enrollment is given to Board                         members, faculty and staff and Community               members that supported Ivy.  Who are these               Community Members?

       2 - Siblings of those from #1

       3 - After year 1, currently enrolled students

  Odds of acceptance to Ivy after priority enrollment:

  • Year 1 - 6% lottery chance of admittance

  • Year 2 - 1% lottery chance of admittance

  • Year 3+ - less than 1% lottery chance of admittance

City of Prattville Funding

600 students vs 9000 students

Ivy Classical                                             

Projected 600 students

$22.8 million dollars

¼ cent sales tax

Transportation and Infrastructure


Estimated per Student

$$$$$$$$   in the 10s of thousands        


Currently 9000 students




Partial use of Stanley Jensen Stadium

Estimated per Student


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