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Prattville Government's Transparency Policy Not so Clear
Together we can save Prattville and our Quality of Life
Please attend the Council Meetings
1st and 3rd
6 pm

"Growth in itself doesn't ensure that you have a great community.  Being the largest doesn't make your citizen's quality of life better, doesn't make their education better and doesn't make their commute time better."  Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle

General Info
General Information


The Comprehensive Plan is the blueprint for our city.  It determines what should be built where, which roads need improvement, the plan for our parks and trails, what community objectives should be met and what keeps the character and integrity of Prattville.


Beginning March 2018 and numerous times since, Save Prattville has asked for an updated Comprehensive Plan.

In over a year, over 1000 new homes and numerous business sections have been approved.

The 10 yr demand for housing units (including apartments) set out in the comprehensive plan was 3,700.  It is safe to say we are well over that since 2010.

In over a year, McQueen Smith Road still hasn't been widened.

In over a year, accidents on our major roadways (Cobbs Ford and McQueen Smith, etc) have doubled.

In over a year, we have had multiple shooting incidents and car break ins within the city.

In over a year, we have not increased our first responders.  They are stretched thinner and thinner. 

Continuing on this path leads to another mistake like High Point Shopping Center,  but this time with homes.  

We are building using an OUT OF DATE blueprint for the city.


The city wide plan developed in 2008 and approved in 2010 by the Prattville City Council declared 920 apartments by the year 2018.


The meeting is your chance to let the City know your opinions on the plan to allow a 400 unit apartment complex behind Lowes and JC Penney.  This area is zoned for Elmore County Schools.

Currently there are 30 apartment complexes and nearly 3100 apartments.

This is 22% over the city's plan!


There are over 700 homes planned for the intersection of McQueen Smith and Highway 82.

How many homes are projected for Glennbrooke, Oaks at Buena Vista, and smaller developments across the city?  

Last count over 3,000

What you can do

Things you can do

  1. Call and voice your concerns (Contacts below)

  2. Show up at the Council Meeting

  3. Tell your friends and family



The increase in traffic is a major concern.  McQueen Smith Road desperately needs upgrading.  The estimated cost is 10 million with no time frame for start or completion.  The funds are not available.  


Autauga County Schools cannot accommodate more children.  Prattville continues to grow but they aren't communicating with the County school system.  We must work together to grow in a productive manner.  

How will Elmore County handle these extra students?


  • Water/Sewage treatment can't keep up with the added workload.

  • Water quality will suffer.

  • We need more police and fire personnel (first responders).  

Community Life

The key to a healthy community is its level of sustainability.  We have to grow everything together to continue the quality of life of our "Preferred" community.  Otherwise, we will make the same mistakes as Montgomery.


There is a lack of transparency that causes distrust.

It's been over a year since Save Prattville asked for a new comprehensive plan.  We are not aware any action has been taken.


"The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts"

James Joyce


If you only have time for one, please call.

Call, text and email.  We can make a difference.

Click the links to email or call.

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