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Current Events

Together we can save Prattville and our Quality of Life
Please attend the Council Meetings
The First and Third
6 pm

"Growth in itself doesn't ensure that you have a great community.  Being the largest doesn't make your citizen's quality of life better, doesn't make their education better and doesn't make their commute time better."  Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle

General Info
General Information


Our goals:


Grow and prosper Prattville in such a manner we continue to enjoy the small town feel in a big town way.

Improve the school system and prevent overcrowding. The city and county must work together.

Support infrastructure to include roads, sewage, water and first responders.

Things you can do

  1. Call and voice your concerns (Contacts below)

  2. Show up at the Council Meeting

  3. Tell your friends and family


If you only have time for one, please call.

Call, text and email.  We can make a difference.

Click the links to email or call.

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