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True and False

​This is the map homeowners received March 2018. 


This map is clearly different from the map approved November 2017 (see below).  This is a deliberate misrepresentation of the proposed rezoning.

​This is the map approved in November 2017. 


Why wasn't this sent in March 2018?    

​This is the map SavePrattville created to show items more clearly. 


Includes the street names, the cut outs on Amanda and Jay and the proposed housing and quantity.

The original utility pole. 


It has been replaced with higher capacity poles that can handle a higher load.  Nothing has changed to warrant a higher load...yet

​New heavy duty utility


This pole was installed weeks before the planning commission hearing on rezoning.  These are for a "special project".  The poles stop on Jay Street. 

Prepping for the new business section including a new red light and it hasn't been approved by the City Council.

True or False

  1. It will be years before this is developed 

    • FALSE heavy duty power poles have been installed. Scenic Hills will be years but Overlook is immediate per the planning commission meeting.

  2. Apartments will be minimal

    • FALSE more apartments than houses are planned.

  3. City Officials are working with the school system like we always do

    • FALSE the school didn't know this was planned.

  4. City Officials gave residents the required notice of 5 days

    • TRUE but you knew in February when you posted the public notice in the paper with the survey description.  The description is written so an average citizen wouldn't understand.

  5. ​City Officials put up public hearing signs​

    • TRUE the signs were approximately 12 x 18.  Political signs in the same area are much easier to see and read​

  6. Meetings are conveniently held at 3 pm. 

    • TRUE This is when most citizens are at work or picking up their children from school.

  7. ​City Officials want to hear what you say​

    • FALSE A neighborhood spokesman representing 70 citizens was allowed to speak for only 4 minutes​

  8. City infrastructure can handle the growth. 

    • FALSE We need more sewage collection basins, our roads aren't ready for the growth, the police/fire personnel are understaffed.

  9. City Officials are transparent. 

    • FALSE Are the maps transparent, did you know about this before reading this website?  There is merit when a majority feel this was handled deceitfully. 

  10. ​The City will do what they want to do.  Citizens don't matter.​

    • FALSE  Show up, call and don't give up.  You matter and your vote can count now and at the polls​

Farmland $85,000 per acre?

466% increase in 13 yrs!

2004  $1,650,000.00 / 109 acres = $15,137.62 per acre

2017  $9,290,500.00 / 109 acres = $85,233.94 per acre

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